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Meeting or finding new Deaf friends or American Sign Language (ASL) signers out in public can be a challenge when the Deaf community is by and large an invisible minority.

You just can’t tell who is Deaf or knows ASL unless you see them signing or know the person already.

Deaf Stuff aims to make ASL stand out with Maximum Visibility Products! 

With our sleek, original and modern ASL fingerspelling font, all our products are high quality right down to the design, making it the latest and greatest must-have Deaf brand.

Deaf Stuff authentically represents Deaf culture, ushering in an iconic new era of mainstream ASL visibility in North America with our fingerspelling font for three categories of the Deaf community: Deaf, Non-Deaf (hearing), and CODA (hearing with ASL as their first language).

We are also debuting a complete reinvention of the I Love You handshape that everybody can wear on every product. You’ll want to be quick to make sure you grab your favourite design while it’s still First Edition and claim supreme bragging rights!

We are a completely Deaf-run company out of Toronto, Ontario; selling print-on-demand Backpacks, Unisex Tees and Phone Cases online via Printful to start out, while collaborating with the awesome Route 66 Promotions for Snapbacks. We will be adding to our product line as we grow, starting with Summer and Winter collections.

The ultimate dream is to open up a retail location with distribution capabilities, a lounge and coffee shop, offices and expanding to include ASL Media Services with an in-house green screen studio. All of this will be done with the mission of of promoting maximum ASL visibility, creating Deaf job opportunities to give back to the Deaf community that has given us all so much already.

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