Deaf Stuff Introduction

Hi, I'm Paul!

(sign name: index finger tapped twice on cheek)


I'm the Founder and CEO of Deaf Stuff!

This Vlog is for those who may not be sure if this is *actually* a Deaf business or not or don't know who I am and curious about me.

I'm here to introduce who I am, the standard "Deaf Intro", if you will. 


I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, as the oldest of the 2nd generation of Deaf kids from my mom's side of the family. My sister graduated from Gallaudet recently, now working a Deaf job in her field at home in Toronto and my youngest brother is a senior at Gallaudet and the current Student Body Government President, I'm so proud of both of them. My Mom has two Deaf sisters (my aunts) and I've got 5 Deaf cousins and one CODA, I'm the oldest of all the cousins in the 2nd generation. Both my parents grew up oral and then picked up ASL late, so I'm a little bit of a mix, I did have exposure to speech therapy when I was a kid. I can speak and read lips, but I avoid it whenever possible. I'm 8585 at writing English but ASL will always be my natural preferred language.


I grew up in both Deaf and mainstream schools, but in high school I preferred to stay with Deaf friends in Milton at Ernest C. Drury, and later moved to Belleville and graduated from Sir James Whitney. After high school, I experienced Gallaudet for the first time, was mindblown about how much I didn't know about Deaf culture. I left after 2 years of Business, then RIT, back to Canada for a few other failed startup learning experiences before 2 years of a Deaf Interpreting BA program in Toronto at GBC (George Brown College), gaining a huge appreciation and respect for the field of interpreting and love for Deaf culture and ASL. I briefly went back to Gallaudet recently to attempt a double major in both ASL and Business, but unfortunately I couldn’t continue after my government increased my loans. Accepting that a BA is too expensive after 10 years of different higher education programs, I decided to commit myself to chasing my dreams and focus on using my ASL and English talents for work.


Almost all of my work experience in my life has been related with ASL or working with other Deaf people. I've worked with Deaf special needs at group homes, tutored ASL students, been involved in acting several TV shows and Commercials, summer jobs for OAD (Ontario Association of the Deaf) as an Administrative Assistant, more recently as a Summer Student Marketing Coordinator for SLIAO (Sign Language Interpreting Associations Ottawa) last summer. There are other jobs I've experienced in the hearing world but I never stayed long, my heart always wants to stay near Deaf people and ASL. Right now, other than selling Deaf Stuff, I provide freelance professional ASL services, ranging from ASL Consulting to Translation, Captioning, Tutoring and more!


CDYLC Logo Design: Isabel Lainez

$1 from each Deaf Stuff FIRST EDITION product will be donated to CDYLC to support the future of Deaf Youth Canada! Time is going by quickly and they need to fundraise a lot of money by July 2020. The first 1000 products will all have "First Edition" branding on them, then I will remove the label from all products. So grab your First Edition Deaf Stuff while you can! I want to use my company for a good cause at the same time and give back to the Canadian Deaf community!


I want to do more vlogs, hopefully weekly or more. My upcoming content will be more focused on more information and updates on Deaf Stuff, sharing some history, or plans for the future!

Thanks again for all your support, ILY!

Paul Bourgeois
Deaf Stuff Founder and CEO

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