About Us

Meeting or finding new Deaf friends or American Sign Language (ASL) signers out in public can be a challenge when the Deaf community is by and large an invisible minority.

You just can’t tell who is Deaf or knows ASL unless you see them signing or know the person already.

Maximum Visibility Products make Deaf culture stand out!

We authentically represent Deaf culture with an iconic new era of ASL visibility with our original ASL fingerspelling font.

We are a completely Deaf-run company selling high quality merchandise for now, but the ultimate dream is to open up a studio location with distribution capabilities, a lounge and coffee shop, offices and expanding to include ASL Services. Our mission is maximum ASL visibility while creating Deaf job opportunities to give back to the Deaf community that has given each of us all so much already.

You can reach Paul for any media inquiries at Paul@DeafStuff.com