Maximum Visibility Pack


The Maximum Visibility Pack is the BEST deal you can get! 

Any orders worth $210 or more can use the MVP discount code to get a lot of Deaf Stuff for just $150!

For example, with $150 USD ($195-ish CAD) you can order:

  • 3 Backpacks: Best for 3 school friends. Get a backpack for $50 USD! ($65 CAD)
  • 1 Backpack, 1 Hoodie, and any 3 products worth $30: Perfect for the real MVP and avid collectors.
  • 7 products worth $30 each: Deaf Stuff makes for the best holiday gifts for Deaf families or a group of 7 can pool $21.50 USD ($28 CAD) each! SQUAD GOALS!


TL;DR: Order $210 worth of Deaf Stuff, use the MVP discount code at checkout to get $60 off. Boom.